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ANPAC® is a property and casualty insurance company with its home office located in Springfield, Missouri, and is a subsidiary of American National Insurance Company (ANICO) of Galveston, Texas. ANICO is a life and health insurance company that has been in business since 1905.

Long Term Care

In what will be the hallmark of his career should it come to pass, Senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., released his expansive new health care plan, which includes sweeping changes to the way health insurance works, including a provision for long-term care.
Addressing an increasing area of concern as the baby boom generation ages, Americans will be able to buy long-term care insurance from the government for about $65 per month.
The program is designed to help disabled and elderly individuals pay for at-home care, avoiding a costly move to a nursing home. People would need to pay into the program for at least five years to receive coverage.
The benefit, not less than $50 per day, would be modest, but it could be used to cover a wide range of services that would help keep people in their homes.
A slew of other health care reforms are included in the bill, including stricter government rules for private insurance companies. One such rule would make it illegal to deny coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.  
A similar health care bill being crafted in the House is almost identical to the Senate plan released by Kennedy, the Associated Press reports. Both include requirements for everyone to buy health insurance if they can afford it, with waviers for those who cannot.
Both plans lacked specific details as to how the government will pay for the reforms, which could cost more than $1 trillion over a 10-year period. 
Creating the legislation and gathering support for it have taken months of effort, but Democrats are committed to get a bill passed as early as August.
Senate Republicans have asked Democrats to wait until the cost details of the plan are laid out.